hello, my name is tava

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my massage experience started after graduating from school, traveling the world for a bit, and working a few service industry jobs. i decided i wanted to learn a trade that i could take with me no matter where i ended up. i've always had a passion for business, so the idea of working for myself had always always been a dream. 

the opportunity to go to massage school presented itself back in 2016, and has proven to be a perfect fit for me. i graduated from the neuromuscular therapy program at CIMT in October, 2017. i hit the ground running. i opened my own business and have been thriving ever since. i love the flexibility, the quality time spent with people, the focus on well-being, and the opportunity to build an environment/company that aligns with my values and personality.

i don’t think massage will save the world- but i do believe that it’s an amazing and unmatched way to heal, promote personal body-awareness, and connect and care for others. my community is so supportive and receptive to my main goal; to make preventative healthcare accessible to everyone, and to grow with entrepreneurs, millennials, service-industry professionals, etc. and their success.